The Design Process In 5 Simple Steps ...  

Step 1) Contact

Give a call with some details about the website that you want.
Once I have confirmed that I am able to go ahead with your website.

Stage 2)

Email me your website content. (Pictures, Text, Ideas & Inpiration)

This is the time to provide me with as much information as possible about what you
want your website to look like.

Stage 3) Now I begin designing your website!

Let me take care of creating a beautiful website for you.
It usually takes me between 3 and 7 days to have a 1st draft available for you to see and give feedback on.

Stage 4) Your Feedback

I will send you a link so you can see how your website is coming along. This is the time for you to have as much (or as little) creative input as you like. I will tweak the design based on your feedback. I will make sure that your website is perfect and you are very happy with the final result before we reach the final stage 5...

Stage 5) Launching Website!

YOUR WEBSITE IS READY! (Sites are usually completed in 5 to 10 days.)

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